Whilst I work as an Actor/Photographer by profession, my first and foremost passion is in Directing. Towards the end of my 4 year training in acting, singing and dance I began to write and direct my own personal projects, most notably 'Chill Sessions' and my drone films.

Music is often my stimulus, helping me to design my concepts or images that I want to bring to life. I then begin to mood board and piece together ideas consisting of movement, story and cinematography to create the final piece. It is often seen as the idea of visual storytelling or using visuals to express the emotion, dynamics, or maybe even the story of the music.
Whether it’s the people I'm working with, the camera, subject, location, or use of technology such as slow and fast motion; being a young aspiring Director, visual movement is currently a huge aspect of my work.
Having these opportunities to work alongside talented actors, dancers, and musicians has so far been a valuable experience.

If you'd like to hire me to Direct one of your music videos, dance films, short films, advertisement or live event; please submit a message on my Contact page.

Chill Sessions

Chill Sessions are deeply personal to me. The project has been crucial to my development as both a director and a cinematographer, while also allowing me to give something back to the creative industry and help to support some of London’s most exciting up-and-coming talents. The whole concept for me is looking at individuals for who they are; there aura, style and movement. This feeling that I've walked past this artist in there own world and I've found them freestyling in the street.

I work one-on-one with performing artists on this ever expanding project of all ages to produce short, high quality videos that are perfect for show-reels or portfolios. Being a performer myself, I know how tough and challenging this industry can be, which is why I offer this service is completely free of charge.

If you think you’re a good candidate for a chill session just get in touch via Contact page.

Ben Mark Films | Showreel

Life – Sri Lanka 2018

Natures Sport – Ben Mark Films

United – Ben Mark Films

Breathe | Ben Mark Films

Ben Mark Films | Showreel

Ben Mark Films | Showreel

Chill Sessions… | Vol.23 | Amy Lucas

Chill Sessions… | Vol. 22 | Old Kent Road

Heath Visual | Ben Mark Films

Taylors Theme – Andrew James Johnson | Ben Mark Films

Here – Ben Mark Films