Welcome to Ben Mark Films

Ben Mark is a London based Director and Cinematographer with a passion for the arts, ensuring he brings the most spirited, creative and outstanding services for his clients. At Ben Mark Films, I look to provide the experience, skill, and creativity to bring your project from the drawing board to the big screen with a speciality in Music Videos, Concept Films, Wedding Cinematography, Live Events, and Short Films.

At Ben Mark Films, we don’t just make videos or take photos.

We make films, and we create art.



Filming trip to Sri Lanka

Have a vision… Pt. I

So what are ‘Chill Sessions…’ all about?

Welcome to Ben Mark Films!



Private video

New York City – Kylie Minogue | Andrea Walker Choreography

Private video


Visual 1.1 – BM Films Mini Series | Ford. – Promises

Andrew James Johnson – Luminescence

Meet the Dancers – Ben Mark Films works for the Spice Girls Audition

ECHOES | Hoofersᵁᴷ x FKMF – Ben Mark Films


Private video

Leah + Anton Wedding – Highlight Reel

Tanya and Rob Compton – Wedding Highlight Reel

O’Brien Wedding – Sneak Peak Pt.2