Ben Mark Films is a London based production company with a focus on photography and film-making for the creative arts.

My creative background began when pursuing a career in professional acting/singing and dance, having trained as a performing artist at a drama school based in London. During this time I acquired a camera and began to teach myself the basics of how to creatively construct photographs and videos, I then eventually started to develop a real love and passion for photography and film and began to work and collaborate with up-and-coming artists on various concept videos/music videos. What started out as a hobby to fill the time between rehearsals quickly turned into a full time business as my passion for film, attention to detail and ability to try bring a vision to life allowed to me to start Ben Mark Films.

I founded Ben Mark films in 2015 as a way of bringing my vivid, abstract film-making to a wider audience, and since then I’ve made music videos, short films, documented weddings and filmed many live industry showcases.

Ben Mark Films is all about creativity, whether it’s in film or photography.

So whatever your project, I will work with you to find the most exciting and dynamic way to bring your vision alive.

How does it work?

When you work with Ben Mark Films you always get Ben.
As the founder and Creative Director of the business I’m the first point of contact and the person who will be there on the day, working with you to define your vision and then directing the photography during the shoot.

If I can handle your job on my own, I will. This keeps your costs down and allows me to have the fullest possible involvement.
However, for big jobs I have a small team of trusted, dedicated professionals that I can call on when necessary. No matter how big the job, Ben Mark Films has the team you need to bring it to life.

Ben Marks Films is based in London, but location is no barrier to us working with you anywhere in the UK (or even further afield!)