Chill Sessions.. | Vol.15 | Will West – Ben Mark Films

Directed by Benjamin Simons
Artist – Will West
Prod. by Ben Mark Films

Chill Sessions is about giving talented artists of any age a chance to express themselves. The idea is about sharing creativity in the online community, whether your a talented dancer, musician, writer, actor or more. Every artist is invited by myself to film a freestyle to a song I’ve chosen. It offers a chance for people to come and get in front of a camera, move freely, and also have something creative to share with fellow artists.
I’m just wanting people to see the crazy talent in this world and we look to offer something fresh and original.

Song – Jordan Radkei | Midnight Mischief (Tom Misch Remix)

(Disclaimer – I do not own rights to any of the songs, we just use them to inspire each other, no profit is made on either side, free collaboration)