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So finally I have a website! Can’t believe it! It’s so smart, I love it. I want to say a big thank you to my cousin Matt Brennand for putting it together for me, I was lucky enough to take photos of Matt + Amy’s wedding last year and in return he said he’d help get this website together. It looks fantastic, so thank you Matt!

One final thanks as well to my other cousin Jason, an absolute English whizz, he helped me construct the writing you see across all my pages.

(As you will soon find out, being a northerner, I tend to be a very informal writer!)

So here we are, Ben Mark Films!

I plan to use my news page to blog all about my videography work and also my photography; from talking about my processes, to how I conceptualise some of my projects and also technical aspects of the job. Not only that but I’m hoping to share with you all my favourite Movie and TV picks. Ever since I decided to pursue directing, I had to constantly ask myself why? Why are you wanting to make films or work as a freelance with other creatives on projects? Because it’s a massive commitment financially, it’s also a very tough industry to break in to whilst also auditioning for acting and musical theatre jobs.

My whole approach and reason for wanting to be a filmmaker it to be creative

The answer was simple, because I love film. It seemed wise to start writing my own notes on the films I was watching, on various topics such as the cinematography, direction, storyline, character, lighting or sound etc. It is a huge part of understanding my own process as a videographer and I’ve learnt so much by watching as many films and series as possible in the past few years (I’ve always said I’m a very kinaesthetic learner ha!). However my belief is that we are all inspired by something, we all imitate each other somehow through art but it’s how you share your own vision through it.

I love being able to watch something in awe at the most beautiful visuals or wonderful acting, then understand why they have made that choice and use it to enhance your creative individuality, I believe it is a vital part of being a powerful creative.
So with this said, I will be writing regular blogs known as ‘Directors Choice’ for the best films and TV series I think you need to watch and also why you should be watching them.

I feel so lucky to be in this position right now, even as I’m typing out these words, thinking about how excited I am to start sharing some of my processes with you, my philosophies about film and my love for it. However, it will be done in a fair and humble way, there certainly won’t be any preaching.It’s a fact that there is never one correct process when creating a piece of work, it doesn’t matter what art form you do, everybody has there own way. But for people who have enjoyed my work so far, I’d like to share with you how I went about bringing it to life!

Ben Mark Films

“Perception 22” Shot in London, UK early this year.

Mesmerising structures and lines.

You’ll find there is a lot of opinion goes on in the film and photography world, clashes of opinion whether it’s creative or technical. Personally, I don’t care for all that. We’re entitled to our own vision. My whole approach and reason for wanting to be a filmmaker, is to be creative. To celebrate creativity and how awesome all creatives out there really are. It’s not  really to be famous, or to have the most followers and subscribers on social media. Yeah of course we want that on some level, for your work to be appreciated  by everyone, a passionate creative always will. But you have to do it from a creative and raw place, where you are creating for you… creating work that reflects you, that bring the right people to you.

You don’t want to be doing exactly what others do because ‘that’s what’s cool’ and I’m not saying everyone does that, don’t get me wrong, there are some extremely talented videographers out there. But originality has been lacking for a while and it goes back to my question of “Why?”.. “Why do I want to do this” and it’s because I want to be that change, I wanna shake the system up. Even if I’m no where near the level as some of the best videographers out there, I believe you’ve got to approach it from a place of creating your work originally as possible. It’s what we should all stride for.

I constantly ask the question, how do the next original films or concepts like ‘Jaws’, ‘The Breakfast Club’ ‘Terminator 2’ or more recently ‘Avatar’ ‘The Shape of Water’ or personally ‘Baby Driver’’; how do they come to come to life without original thought? So my approach is, if I want to be the best, I have to be as creative and open to as many creative ideas as possible.

I’m not saying it has to be so pure and original that no one could have possibly thought about it before, I’d be the first to put my hand up and say I’ve used styles of filming explored and used before, but it’s how you make it your own, how you don’t directly copy, but take inspiration and explore it in a new way.

Creativity is the key… It always will be with the work and information I share with you. A lot of people can get very protective about their processes and work, but let’s be honest guys, the worlds losing it’s creativity for the more materialistic things in life. How many schools are left with performing arts courses now that lead to careers in the arts? Not many!
We need as many aspiring young artists of all formats (not just film and photography) to be pursuing a life full of creativity. So if you want to know how I make my films happen, message me and I will blog about it. Why not!? It’s not like you couldn’t work it out for yourself eventually by watching my stuff and doing some good research and practice.

Share the love and creativity people. Just don’t be a copycat. It’s a huge part of why I began Chill Sessions, the idea of freely expressing without money or huge concepts involved, the focus is on the raw individual…but more about that on another day.

Thanks for tuning in this first blog! I’ve got lots to share and explore with you in the upcoming future! I can’t believe I’ve nearly done my 25th Chill Session!!!! MADNESS!! That’s quarter of a century! Bring on Volume 50.

Peace out guys,

Ben Mark